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brown's by feeding people from my house. i lived at three houses away from the friendlys market i've never seen any violence i've been feeding the homeless and i get out there and feed the homeless with mother browns myself. i take folks out to get them jobs. you know, i had moved away and a got robed and came back to san francisco just to be a support for bayview hunters point. it would be crimes all over san francisco but my thing is to get those people off we've got those people moving in we're losing our section 7 of 8 to move to oakland not to be here in the city for you guys to move in and be comfortable. make the homeless comfortable because they need a place too >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm rodney reece. i'd like to come here and humbly speak. i heard an individual say he has a business at the chemical plant and they talk about the united that council being a save environment he don't know how many immigrants he's got working at emphasis place and other people raise a piece of paper and he's never been homeless i have been. i ask youenter t
mother brown's kitchen and it definitely fills a need we have >> supervisor thanks four e for your comments. we may agree to disagree where the location but the concerns can be 3450ig9d what a good discussion. one of the alternatives we looked at what far from any transportation so in the end we may agree to disagree. i'm committed to work with the community for the best services for the homeless folks >> mr. chair one last thing i have a stack of letters i want to call the public's attention to. this doesn't represent you-all all my concerns there are letters from constituents and i recognize them for engaging. mr. chair thank you >> supervisor mar anything else. >> in visiting next door i notice that some folks hang out on the south but there's not that many. i know there are a lot of former vets but what does staff do to make sure that they don't become a nuisance to other folks in the neighborhood >> we have either security or sometimes, it's staff that walk the perimeter of the facilities. when i go to polk you see a couple of folks outside smoking but we don't allow folks
, the risk of concussions and how parents should weigh the tradeoffs. jeffrey brown has the story. >> brown: the n.f.l. is already playing under a new spotlight on concussions. days before the season began, the league agreed to a $765 million settlement with 4,500 former players. they'd charged that owners concealed information on the effects of repeated head injuries. that history was the focus of a pbs "frontline" investigation that aired earlier this month on the links between head injuries and brain disease. now, a new study explores the risks for athletes well before they reach their college and professional years. the report by the institute of medicine-- a non-profit, independent organization-- focuses on sports-related concussions in youth, from elementary school through adolescence. one member of the panel, dr. frederick rivara-- of the university of washington school of medicine-- pointed to a key problem: the lack of data for this age group. >> there's essentially nothing known about concussions in elementary school and middle aged kids. and that's really why there's a need for m
known as mother brown's kitchen. it's an asset in the community and doing work that not that i can recall has been left undone. they permitted the need services to a population that is struggling. rex their contributions mother brown has been embraced for years. there's a big difference between diane that mother brown currently provides and a 24 hour shelter. given there's been no outreach process with the application i personally conducted two community meetings and salty heard more concerns about the proposal then support. this issue has split the community. all the concern you may hear today, i have - i still have a number of concerns that are to be revolved. the city should have conducted outreach and engaged stakeholders about this proposal before they applied for the state funds. no one that i spoke with participated in the process. it's not acceptable to conduct no community process around it and frankly i don't think of any community it would be tolerated (clapping) second issue of concern is the site use and appropriateness. the site those funds have been secured for doesn
to mother brown's kitchen. it's located mother brown's kitchen is on the corner of having an dike and kitchen. the resource center is located on a block that has several industrial warehouses we'll hear today. i want to rewind about 2 and a half years since supervisor cowen talked about this. it was late in the summer about 2011 i went out to visit with mother brown's kitchen and what i noticed when - was simply not acceptable. really not acceptable from a view of humiliate. i saw 70 or 80 chairs in an upper crowded space with no ventilation. i saw homeless individuals with their heads down in the cafe because they had no place to rest. i asked about the chairs and i was told folks sleep upright in those chairs. it's not what it was designed to do. the architecture work was not designed for sleeping but those folks had no alternative. i walked next door and noticed a vacant warehouse. the owner is the same owner who owns the drop center. i said there's money coming in 3 months let's make this a shelter. this was probable july or august of naivete. the application was did you augus
, a disgraceful exposition at brown university in rhode island. the new york city police commissioner denied the opportunity to speak. >> [chanting] >> caution, you where it to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the deceit factor. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. last night charles krauthammer and i debated whether or not president obama lied to the american owe. >> in order to bare false explicitly that what his benefit the speaker for a reason. dr. cac correctly pointed to the benghazi deception as a lie. you remember the obama put out ambassador susan rice to tell the world the might have been killed by spontaneous. the administration knew otherwise. but we don't know, we don't know if president obama directly ordered ordered that deceit. we do know he did nothing to correct it we also know that mr. obama said this. >> actually, any insurance that you currently have would be grandfathered in so you could keep. and so you could decide could not get exchange the better plan. >> as i
. the sox beat the st. louis cardinals last night, to take the title in six games. jeffrey brown will have more on the red sox's victory later in the program. also ahead on the "newshour": outrage over the n.s.a. tapping into servers for google and yahoo, plus spying on asia; dismantling syria's chemical weapons program; the recent wave of violence in iraq; senator susan collins on the future of the republican party and abraham lincoln's foreign policy. >> ifill: newly published information leaked by former nsa contractor edward snowden is reinforcing the notion that u.s. spying spreads wide and goes deep. the latest bombshell, partly denied by the obama administration, appears in the "washington post." it says u.s. intelligence agencies have gained access to hundreds of millions of google and yahoo user accounts by secretly tapping into company data centers. late today, six top tech companies-- yahoo, google, aol, apple, microsoft and facebook-- sent a letter to congress, calling for enhanced privacy protections. barton gellman broke the story for "the washington post." welcome, bart gell
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>> i'm janet brown and i was born and raised in bayview in district 10. as far back i have had a strong passion to help people less patient than myself. i have a constrained emphasis an seniors and adults pr i ask you look at the housing for beds a warm save place for humans liquor us. i see so many people everyday. i wish i could have had a dvd to show you how many homeless people come into envy office and those public comments there are plenty of homeless people in bayview. we're not bringing them they're already there. if you set up outside of all that and think about it you were homeless. the very same things running water, a shower you wake up in the morning you stretch and had a good nights sleep. please, please it's winter and it's getting cold >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> islam a bayview resident and mother of two children. let's talk about martin luther king park for a little bit. my daughter is going to swim lessons and enjoying the park and one of the few save save parks in the neighborhood. that will change if there are more people having acholic beverages in fro
started. the shakeup comes four days before the ravens play the browns. safety trotwick and brown are up from the practice squad to fill the practice spots. the team did practice today. news of the cuts took some of the players by surprise. >> you know, it's a business. great guys, great teammates. you know, just wish them the very best. >> it just sucks. but it's part of the business. we gotta continue on with our season. >> ravens head to cleveland trying to snap a two-game losing streak. they've beaten the browns 11 straight times. college basketball news, and it's bad news for maryland seth allen. he has a broken left foot. he's scheduled for surgery in baltimore tomorrow and will be out for at least two months. he suffered the injury in practice. he averaged 8 points as a freshman last season. they open a week from friday against connecticut. they have a brand new arena and tonight the tigers played their first game in their new home. a pre-season exhibition against bloomsburg. townen in the white uniforms. harrison will lead the break. it's an 86-65 tiger victory. and just finished
not condoning the behavior of the audience. but the dude went to brown. if it was at a police man's ball, it was shocking. going there and then complaining about how they reacted it like going to the olive garden and saying there are way too many bread sticks here. i don't like how many bread sticks are there. >> you go to a university -- >> any you have the. -- any university. >> are you lowering expectations. the expectations shouldn't be that low. they should be higher at a university when people want to come in and present a point of view and especially when the students are given a chance to present a point of view. i don't agree with stop and frisk. we talked about it. i think the way the nypd doing is is not good. they invited him to speak though and let him speak. >> are you talking about how it should be. i am talking about how it is. can i do that again? i want to do it with more sass. i'm talking about how it is! >> a fellow my size likes that many bread sticks. >> i love the olive garden. i am in no way besmirching the olive garden. >> bill doesn't eat the bread sticks. >> ei
reading a lot about chris brown. >> what about chris brown. why should i not think terrible things about chris brown? >> mike tyson said he is worried about chris brown. if mike is worried about your behavior, should you check yourself. his felony charge was a misdemeanor and that's part of the 49 strikes and you're outlaw. i would love to have him on my show halloween and maybe he will punch a scarecrow. >> do you have sympathy for him? >> yeah. he's such a talented entertainer and you have to think that somewhere in his past there is some kind of pain. i don't think he's a bad kid. i think he's a kid doing bad things. >> could it be that he knows that the reaction he gets after these incidents, you and i might be horrified, but a large percentage of his fans think good old chris. bad boy. >> that's a good thing in pop culture. >> it can be for people like him. i see no damaging effect in his career. quite the opposite. >> for he does jail time, maybe it will change him. i had a brother who spent all his in jail. he was more comfortable in jail than home with us. sometimes it can change
. would be great. i've been reading a lot about chris brown. >> what do you think of chris brown? >> wow. >> why should i not think terrible things about chris brown? >> well by the way, mike tyson just came out and said he's worried about chris brown. >> that's when you've got a problem. >> he bit a man's ear off. if mike's worried about your behavior, you really should check yourself. chris brown his felony charge was reduesed to a misdemeanor and that's part of the washington, d.c. 49 strikes and you're out law [ laughter ] >> but i would love to have him on my show hallowe'en. maybe he'll punch a scarecrow and we'll get a lot of press. >> do you have any sympathy for him? >> yeah. because gosh, he's such a talented entertainer, and you got to think that somewhere in his past there's some kind of pain. and i don't think he's a bad kid. i think he's a kid doing bad things. >> could it be, though, more cynical? could it be that he knows that the reaction he gets after these incidents -- you and i might be pretty horrified by it, but a large percentage of his fans think, good old chris,
heating up. don't miss the ravens as they take on the browns. you can see the game sunday at 4:15 live on wjz 13. of course we're all orioles fans here but it's nice to say boston celebrating. >> especially with the year they've had. >>> still to come, new charges for the blade runner. what other charges oscar pistorius will be facing. >>> why this woman attacks a tv news room with the camera rolling. >>> the skies are grey and still foggy around the edges. what's coming up? your first warning weather forecast among other things. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> it is over cast and 64 degrees in central maryland right now. your complete first warning weather forecast is still coming up. >>> one day before the deadline a watchdog group all of syria's equipment is destroyed to make chemical weapons. it's believed the country still has tons of chemicals including gas and the nerve agent serin. the inspectors said they were not able to visit two sites because of security concerns. >>> oscar pistorius will be facing some additional charges when he goes on trial for murder. they talked on firing gun
to rehab as a tool to get them out of messy public relations. singer chris brown is the latest. is it a way to tamp down the negative press coverage? health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius was in the hot seat in front of a congressional committee. she took responsibility for a launch which wasn't ready. later today president obama was in boston where he said he takes full responsibility for making sure it gets fixed asap. a lot of buck stops here with serious questions raised about the president's message, his management style and what he really knew about the mistakes in the making. our panel sure to have plenty to say tonight. andrew sullivan of "the dish." cnn political commentator and political strategist anna navarro and charles blow, democratic strategist. what did you make of kathleen sebelius today? >> i thought she did a pretty good job, actually. i say that being very critical of her in the past. she took responsibility and she gave us a date. so i think we're able to wait until november 30th to see if this web site is working. that's fair enough. if it isn't, her h
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are shaking up their roster. the team has signed safeties folic and brown from the practice squad. to make room they cut michael huff and marcus spears. >>> don't forget you can see the game, the ravens playing the browns in cleveland this sunday at 4:15 live right here on wjz 13. >> just real quick, congratulations to the people who won the world series and karma came home, just like japan winning the soccer championship after the earthquake, alabama winning after a tornado, joplin after a tornado, the st. louis cardinals win a world series. after boston and the bombing they win the world series. >>> bobby williams, my partner on football talk, i'm friends with on facebook posted this. it's interesting. now we have to start turning our attention back to the ravens after the bye week. >> sure. >> with huff and spears will be -- being released by the ravens, when was the last time the ravens signed a vet free agent that were starters at the beginning of the season then released them at mid-season? i'm not too sure that's really happened recently. in other words, what he's saying is they're
theater. >>> and all you need to know about the ravens taking action sunday against the browns. remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team am. >>> what we don't know about african american history. lost documents reveal a new and never-told story about the rich legacy of america. and now, part of that story is here in baltimore. in the form of documents, artifacts and art. it's part of the world-renowned kinsy forum. >> reporter: a large crowd gathers at the reginald f. lewis museum in downtown baltimore to take a history course in african american art and art tact -- artifacts. >> we have clbted for a year- long tour. >> when you come to our home, you have this connection with the kinsy family. >> reporter: his wife and son. for several year, the kinsy family has gone across the world, collecting lost pieces of time to help bring to life the life and struggle of african americans throughout the world. >> we were not supposed to be in the store, even though we were everywhere in the store. so when you can find us the record, it maybes it much more val
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to the writing process to decide maybe one day you will want to write? question theout people at little brown have been so wonderful that it feels like the idea of writing a book one day is incredibly appealing to me. though i don't know what it would he, my guess is the first book i would do would be a kids could do somei graphics as well. it was a blast reading this as well. it is amazing. how fun was it doing the trailer ? >> it was amazing. the best thing was we could do it, itg, and what we saw was cool enough it felt like a compelling enough piece to put it out there. i think in 48 hours there were 2 million plus views. it happened quickly. i am just hoping people are curious and check it out because they will be happy with the book. tavis: i don't want to cover this question too much. we talked a lot about your creativity, and this clearly falls in the realm of creativity. i wonder if you might also speak to the value you have not just for creativity but for innovation. this is not just creativity. this is innovation. you have done this with some of your other work, but just talk about
in the state of california to support assemblyman trust act which all of you has been signed by governor brown. thousands of our members of our limited english and immigrant community, in fact, all our commensurate's live in fear of did he portion and they've mistrusted the system. so this is a message i want to send by the signing of this ordinance and i'm speaking to our immigrant communities that's it's safe absolutely save to call the police if you're a victim or witness to a crime. everyone knows we need to stand against s come we also retain some local flexibility to deal with violent felons and while we compromised on that aspect of it and understood how complicated that was that perhaps we had points of view on we never lost sight of getting rid of s came. so we do what i think other government's should do we found the common ground and that's why i'm proud to be signing this ordinance. i'd like to take p the opportunity to invite supervisor avalos what it's meant to him but basing also to the rest of the city. thank you, mr. mayor. and i want to thank you for your work on this legis
francisco. i am very committed to doing what i can to keep them here. >> governor brown has proposed to eliminate funding for redevelopment agencies. what is your opinion of the plan? >> we knew that by electing a governor brown he would have to make incredibly difficult choices. i do think this through development proposal goes a bit too far -- redevelopment proposal goes too far. it would be catastrophic to many developments and proposed developments. i hope the ongoing conversations to change his proposal will modify it into something that will continue to help localities and counties like san francisco. i think we can get there. >> water some of the biggest land use issues in your district? >> in addition to the america's cup planning, there is a discussion around the development of cpmc. it would be the largest hospital project our city has seen in decades. it would probably be the largest land use project discussed this year. it is right on the edge of my district. it is seated at the intersection of several separate as oriole -- supervisorial districts. there are issues around
to that. money, i me spending should not be treated like that. >> after rob brown, who stars in said he wastreme" profiled law shopping in new york, he told the new york daily news that he was paraded through macy's in handcuffs and detained for one hours as police accused him of using a fake card to buy a watch for his mother. the store alleged racial profiling has been dubbed shop and frisk. stop and frisk faced its own challenges at brown university this week. commissioner ray kelly was about to deliver a speech on so active -- so-called proactive policing, when protesters shut down the event. racism is not for debate. >> we ask that you let him speak and you make your comments part of the question and answer program. stop are asking that you stopping and frisking people. the new york city council has approved a measure raising the age for buying cigarettes from 18 to 21. michael bloomberg has pledged to sign the bill. new york is the first major city to take action following similar measures in smaller municipalities. the council also approved setting a minimum price of $10.50 per p
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the sunshine ordinance but the brown act because they did not have enough courage to talk about what they wanted to say in a public, open meeting. >> and so what they did is they went behind the public's back, and they directed a city employee to commit an illegal act by issuing this statement to the san francisco bay guardian, knowing full well and then that they had the gal to say yeah, even though, we didn't realize what we were doing was illegal and restrakt the statement and after it had been printed in the press. and now either you have a bunch of morons who take this training and have not got the faintest idea of what is going on or you get the people who take it and don't give a... what it says. >> may i ask you a question. you provided the staff with some language that you wanted to include in the annual report? that they failed to include? >> yes. in my public testimony, regarding the report at the last meeting, i gave a number of suggests as far as what it is but i heard the suggestions from the other members of the public and i looked to see if any of those were included.
of san francisco i know the outreach will happen. i want to thank the members of mother brown's and everyone else that came out to speak on this stem. i agree with supervisor avalos that's rare you get touched here and the personal stories are pretty incredible. as you look not only in terms of the bayview and the homeless count where you're putting the services in the location but as you think about, you know, as we look at the homeless situation in san francisco how can we make the situation better. i've looked at the 10 year homeless plan and the number one thing we need is housing. so i'll be supporting this item today and look forward to working with the community in the future (clapping) we have a motion >> motion to approve the recommendation. >> we can do so without opposition mr. clerk any other agenda. >> that completes our business for this afternoon. >> all right. we are >> roll call, commissioner wood hollow? >> here. >> brandon? >> here. >> katz? >> here. >> murphy? >> here, approval for the minutes of the october 8, 2013. >> just one correction. >> sure. >>
and that was already surging with governor brown's leadership but again the statistics with ron andcytes invited us to her house and we talked about that with friends. so rendering and i reviewed with the folks the statistics and we've gotten one big one was the improvements of our schools being the number one improvements last year in all of the public schools in california the rainy day fund in our school district was beginning to pay off. what's going on behind that and we discovered the big drop off in the middle schools that's where the truancy starts and the resources were very much lacking even though we had as a city the elementary schools and the high schools were getting some great attention and the college track who's here today we've partnered with them and their i they've been there and we're participating there see teachers of america were there and they really wanted to bust you up this effort but we saw the middle schools being the caljic so i asked for the names of all the school principles and i got that and we met with them and had the first real lunch and we talked. with that we
jerry brown and the testimonials of the students who grew up in low income families but really were invited in heavily by the schools. i want to congratulate them on that event >> i wanted to tell the city public i had an opportunity to attend an event at the north theatre. it was quite a pleasure to be in the theatre and we own that building. i went to here michelle speak on the new jim crow i believe everyone should pick up a copy. i was decree expressed and glad to see it being put to use now >> i just wanted to thank you. yeah. (laughter) but only with me >> i just wanted to welcome dr. author tyler to city college he's the newly appointed city college chancellor he's going to be a close partner of ourselves from city college and we're looking forward to working closely with him. >> thank you. okay. we will now move on to item t the closed session action for the meeting the board of education approved the contract for one intifrm principle and one administrator. the board of education approved a minor modification of the schools contract with distribution to redraft the con
>> welcome to the brown bag lunch, i am lawrence cornfield. we are here at beverly prior's law office. we are going to look at one of the greenest business office spaces in san francisco. you just celebrated the first anniversary of your green office space >> there are many elements. what we're celebrating, what you say it's one of the greenest office buildings. it's the contribution methodology. the materials mechanical systems that we look at. we are using recycles materials. how off gases. >> all focussed toward the goal of reducing impacts? >> exactly. we are using materials that are rapidly renewable. there's another aspect. there are many aspects to being green >> what lead you to this green office? >> it's an interesting story. these kinds of thing start with gee, it's time to find a new office of our idea has evolved over time. how do we work together? what kind of space do we want that will support what we want? we have very ambitious goals. all those things started to factor in. we had a brain storm session and made it clear, it's not an ideal world, we are not going
jerry brown as appointed. and you know by state law you can satisfy all housing of protection levels will you not by inclusionary housing but it's a subject of many points. she says that it raises the cost of normal market rate lower or middle income housing that could be built if the costs for not only inclusionary housing but having to build in san francisco. it's it's a chronicle and they ran the same story on friday by another thorough it is interesting reading >> commissioner. >> yes. i think it was monday wasn't it commissioner wu are commissioner wu and i were in attendance at a celebration for the dhs being adopted by planning commission and the board of supervisors. it was nice. there was a christian and buddhist ceremonies and lots of food and sacking can he to drink but most importantly talking to people afterward they realize the hard part now is because of the adoption of the strategies of improving japan town they need to get their act together. the direction they'll be taking is to combine the two organizations that have been working on the plan into one. i don't kn
help chris brown's defense against an alleged assault on a man right here in washington, d.c.? we'll have details. >>> major announcement from the faa about rules for portable electronic devices. find out what it means for you. . >>> this is welcome news for air travelers who, for the first time, will soon be able to use most portable electronics devices throughout their entire flight cnn's chris lawrence is joining us from reagan national airport outside washington, d.c., with this much anticipated announcement from the faa. what are they telling us? >> reporter: you know, wolf, if you've ever been in the middle of a great novel on your kindle and told to shut it down while the guy next to you continues to thumb thus his 600-page hardcover, this is a game changer. basically from now on, once each airline sort of verifies with the faa their planes are okay and they're not going to get any interference, you will be able to play games on your iphone. you'll be able to read your novel on your kindle, you'd be able to go through business files reports, watch a movie on ipad, all durin
on the packet is adequate for the noticing under the sunshine brown act. the additional material after the agenda packet goes out should be made available to the public when received or at the meeting >> okay and a as long as seven hundred is available the committee can review that that i. >> i must have missed it and i rely on what we have in the system and what the public has available oftentimes to obtain the information as well. so you would like to see it before we're able to make decisions. thank you >> i got it. >> thank you. >> i believe - the next person. ms. during rant i want some clarifications. do i have any contact with this person >> when board 3 was just the comtion was changed i contacted her because she previously applied for a seat and i didn't actually physically talked with her. he returned envy phone call and said she's interested. since that time i've tried k5k9d here on three or four different occasions to inquiry about her interest in board 3 because she filled out on a older application at that time. she's not returned my phone calls >> i don't know if i
) no means no, larry. now, according to a three-decade study by brown university researchers-- although really it's none of our business what color they were-- couples were 75% more likely to become divorced if a friend is divorced and 33% more likely to divorce if a friend of a friend ends his or her marriage. and i'm not surprised. i have never trusted friends of a friend. i mean, i'm my friend's friend. who are these other people? (laughter) researchers say divorce can spread like an epidemic through a social network like a rumor affecting friends up to two degrees removed! that's right! divorce can spread like crabs at theater camp! which is why i have always said divorce should be illegal. once a couple starts hanging out with nancy who's got a new lease of life, looks amazing and is spending thanksgiving in turks and caicos how can you possibly be satisfied with your spouse who is spending thanksgiving with you? (laughter) so, folks, protect yourself. stay out of places where those infected with divorce off congregate: the frozen food aisle, dog runs, miata dealerships, or traveli
are watching "fox & friends first" this morning. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am patti ann browne. thank you for starting your day with us. finally some apologies. kathleen sebelius taking responsibility for obama care. >> they are snapping back at congress as the day wears on. doug luzader is live to break it down for us. good morning, doug. >> more day another crash for the obama care web site despite what we heard from kathleen sebeli sebelius. >> the web site has never crashed it is functional but at a very slow speed and very low reliability and has continued to function. >> it has crashed and burned at least three times. it has been down the whole time we have been testifying. the system is down at this moment. >> months leading up to the launch her colleagues looked us in the eye and testified that everything is on crash. >> sebelius had an answer for security flaws with the way the flig site and els personal data. sebelius did say the government spent $105 million developing this web site. that is a low figure based on the numbers. >> the president changing his tune during a speech i
to face the cleveland browns this sunday. sports director mark viviano has more. >> reporter: the ravens getting ready to play the browns, with the benefit of extra rest from the bye week. and one raven who truly needed the time off, running back ray rice, who tells us this week, that he continues to feel stronger as he recovers from a hip injury. the ravens' running game has not been at his usual strength, ranking near the bottom of the nfl. ray rice is also expected to be an effective running. >>> rice did run better in the game against the steelers. he knows he hasn't been at his best. rice tells me, he hasn't put any extra pressure on himself to carry the team. >> obviously i'm used to contributing. i just need to be race rice sunday. exuntd opportunity comes. i gotta make the play. >>> linebacker jameel mcclain continues his comeback for a spinal cord injury that kept him out for 10 months. >>> ravens try to make it an even dozen. you can see the game here on wjz. coverage comes your way sunday at 4:15. >>> more on the ranks next hour. plus, navy gets ready for its annual clash with
. glimpses into what we see and share with each other. joe brown, technology editor at "wired," amateur photographer, professional critic, knows exactly how best to capture that moment. >> people are getting better, which is nice because my facebook feed doesn't look so terrible anymore. >> reporter: the most common mistake? >> using the flash. like, if you want to make your subject look like a vampire, by all means, shine a giant, extremely white light in their face. >> reporter: also, use those lines. turn on that grid you didn't even know was there. straighten things up. >> nothing kills a photograph more than it being crooked. >> reporter: and be mindful of composition. place your subjects along those grid lines and its intersections. professionals call it the rule of thirds. and finally, be alive to the moments around you. freeze some beauty. capture what used to be gone in an instant, but now lingers, alive, in photographer nation. and the 4.4 trillion photographs that now exist to tell your story. john donvan, abc news, new york. >> thanks to john for a pretty good photography co
: but not everyone likes the bright red, yellow, blue, green and brown m&ms sold in the u.s. >> they are loaded with food dyes. >> reporter: michael jacobson is leading a campaign to convince the maker of m and ms to stop coloring the candy with artificial dyes like blue 1, yellow 5 and red 40. >> these food dyes trigger hyperactivity or other behavioral problems in children. >> reporter: the fda acknowledges that artificial dyes are a problem but only for some children. a report published two years ago found artificial dyes may exacerbate problems in children established to hyperactivity in other kids. however, that's already led to change in europe. products with artificial dyes there must carry a warning label. so to get around that, m&ms sold in europe are now colored with natural dyes that are a little less vibrant. >> why don't they do that here? why do we need chemicals? >> reporter: jacobson says it's largely about money. >> synthetic food dyes tend to be brighter, more stable and much cheaper than natural colorings. >> reporter: but many say it shouldn't be about money; it should be a
.r. for concussions were up 57%. dr. john lapook has more. >> reporter: brown university junior, dillion o'carroll was recruited to play football. in august 2012 he decided to stop after his third concussion. >> the reason i knew something was wrong when i walked off the field and i had this light blindness, i said, whoa, that wasn't good. again, i start to feel like i wasn't myself. >> reporter: today's report describes a culture of resistance where they feel pressure not to discuss concussions. >> it's a difficult designs. you've been playing football all i don't have life, you love everything that goes along with football. to have it kind of taken away from you you kind of have to understand that there is more to life than football. >> reporter: according to the report, the highest rate of injury for men is in football followed by ice hockey, lacrosse, wrestling and soccer. among the highest for women are soccer and college ice hockey and there's no evidence soccer headgear reduces the risk of concussion. the same is true in football. helmet manufacturers already post warnings like this
would support, but when tom and ammiano ran for mayor against willie brown, somehow, i got inspired. i thought, it someone that has integrity and honesty, that comes from the community, could run for mayor, maybe it is we something that can represent the community. i wanted to look at it from a candid perspective. >> when you did run for the border supervisors, what did you learn from that experience, from the campaign? >> from the campaign? so much. you knock on a lot of doors, talk to a lot of people. some of the things were interesting, how connected a lot of people were to their schools, communities. people were involved in their communities in some many ways. we have neighborhood organizations. there are so many people actively involved in the communities, neighborhoods, our organizations, child care facilities, relationships with seniors, at the park. that was something exciting to see. there were multiple ways for people to be involved as residents and members of the city. i was stunned by just how many artists were in district 11. there are so many artists who are doing incredi
divide in both parties. you look, for example, at governor brown pushing this situation where you have kids, elementary school age kids who can declare their gender identity for a day and pick a bathroom and if some 15-year-old boy decides there is a cute girl that just went in the girl's locker room, he can follow her in there. i don't care whether you are gay, straight, female whatever. there is something a little bit wrong with that. so the thing that we have to realize is that these policies and this breakdown is really coming from the national level down to the grassroots, and that's where the real divide is. social issues don't exist exclusive of other issues. and so you take, for example, the issue of abortion. a very controversial issue. and no matter how you feel about it, you have to recognize the fact that taxpayers spend a million dollars a day funding abortions. now, that makes it immediately a fiscal issue, whether we want to c call it just a social issue or what. every single one of the so-called social issues has a high school fiscal impact. and so those of us who like
speaker. >> hello, my name is kevin brown. my waif and i both live and work in your district and very much support the medical cannabis access that's grown since we moved in. since we got there there was only one dispensary and luckily for me they had some medicine i liked but all the dispensaries are different, the medicine they provide is different the healing they provide is different every patient has different needs and the more variety of providers that are variable to patients, the more chances of patients getting their specific needs. you can't lump in one or two dispensaries and say that's enough. there's never enough. there's always an option 'cause there's tons of medicine available and the wider the variety the better. the /*r it's a very diverse town and the diversity of needs is huge and there shouldn't be a limit on any district, especially not without opening up the green zones. that should happen first 100 percent. if you're going to ban anything, it should be with stipulation you're giving expansion to the rest of the city. that would be the only reason to restrict
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